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22 September 2006 @ 08:47 pm
Ghost hunts!  
Ok everyone, 

I'm not kidding around anymore...I am going to set up ghost hunts. Now, I need you. So gather up any willing friends who are reliable, and join me. These are the following starter ghost hunts we WILL be going on should you join UNYPS.

~ 2 Residental "Haunted" Houses (which I have already discussed with those people about doing) - to get everyone used to working together, and knowing what to do.
~ The Rolling Hills Asylum - YES. That's right a biggie. The owner would be willing to have us go and investigate!
(and yes, TAPS went there) 

So should you want to join, PLEASE contact us.
aim sn: UpstateNYPS
email: unyps@hotmail.com

**Don't know anything about ghosts, but have an interest? NO PROBLEM. I'd be glad to help you get up to speed on what you need to know.

TO ALL WHO SAID TO ME THEY'D BE MEMBERS ALREADY: Now is the time to tell me you really are on board, or if you've decided to step down. 

Once I know we even have a small crew assembled, I will be placing some more things on the web, and making the final arrangements to go out and investigate.

If you'd like anymore information on the ghost hunts I mentioned as well, please feel free to contact me.

~Founder of UNYPS, Emilee.

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