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04 December 2005 @ 03:20 am
To the UNYPS members..  
All you guys already in this thing...we need to get together soon. I figured it would be a good time during this month maybe because of the college break coming up.

I have a start off investigation in mind, plus we're going to try to disprove this one theory I know of which I'd like to call a myth, and maybe I'll get to...we'll see how it turns out. I need to know though when we can all collect together. The investigation area is near my house, and I'll help make the necessary arrangements (rides, staying over at my house whatever).

So all you guys get back at me...I want you in on this one Steph, I know you're wary of coming to the actually investigation sites, but I think you can handle this one and we'll need you. Cami, we could use you on some research for this one too, I want to have the full story of this theory plus a few more things so contact me, or I'll get at you. Hopefully we can pull all this together while people are on break and whatnot.

Plus, c'mon we need some more people, let anyone know who you even remotely think would be interested.
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